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Birthdate:Sep 9
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

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all robins past and present, all the fictional women you hate, angels in america, arrested development, arthur rimbaud, aubrey plaza, being obsessive about my nail polish, being really good at twitter yeah, being surprised at some of my phrasing, beta reading, bipolar disorder, brad/ray, brad/ray/walt, bruce/jason, buffy/faith, casual all-caps, characters wearing red hoodies, congratulationsamyswinnerofkindlefire, connor/everyone, criticizing the canon, dance movies never mind the quality, dead like me, dean/jo, drawing, dvd commentaries, eschewing question marks except when not?, faith/dawn, fearlessness, fictional role models, game design, generation kill, giles/oz, harry potter in a mostly perfunctory way, hating bruce wayne, intersectional feminism, jesse/riley, kelly/ryan, lana del ray, lesbian murder princesses, lisa simpson, literary structure, lord byron, lyrical prose, making lists, memoirs, michael/ryan, moving forward not backward, moving upward not forward, mulder/scully, multishipping (obviously), my dreams in excruciating detail, myers-briggs types, names, non-linear storytelling, oz/everyone, parks and recreation, perfect crossovers, peter/neal/el, poetry, pre-series & future fic, queerness, rare pairings, ray/walt, reading at open mics, richard siken, robincest, rule 63, running (& being bad at it), self-education, six feet under, speculative fiction, spike/angel, supernatural i guess, terminator: the sarah connor chronicles, that's a poem, the jossverse (& hating joss), the office (us) i guess, the simpsons, the west wing, the x-files, theoretical physics, twirling twirling twirling towards freedom, watching soccer, white collar, writing

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